Sign Language for Meals

We've been using sign language for meals since early on in our BLW journey. We really started to see the benefits around 14-15 months when Theo signed for "more" and "all done." Some babies are faster with language and may sign much earlier, like Theo's girlfriend Ellie who is super verbal. I recommend starting sign language early on, as it aids in communication and may prevent some frustration for both you and your child. Popular signs include "more," "all done," "eat," "milk," "please" and "thank you." Check out the links below for more information about baby sign language. Then start practicing and have fun! Remember that it may some take time for signing to catch on, so be patient with it. It takes time to learn any new language. ;) 

  • Top ten starter signs (images) from Baby Sign Language - we have used "milk," "more," "all done" and "eat"
  • Video of starter signs from Baby Sign Language - #1 has some common starter signs and #2 offers four principles for teaching signs to your baby
  • Videos showing the signs for "milk," "more," "all done," "eat," "please" and "thank you"