Ask Gastromommy: Signs of Being Done

I am often asked: how do I know when my baby (or toddler) is done with his meal? This is an entirely valid question, as they can't tell us with words - at least not until they are older! 

There are some signs of your baby or toddler being done that you can look for. They include:

  • Throwing food off the tray
  • Playing with food instead of eating it
  • Slowing down with the pace of eating or not eating anything more 
  • Screaming and trying to get out of the high chair  
  • Signing for "all done" - see the image above, as well as my post about sign language for meals 

For tips on how to deal with your baby or toddler throwing food, check out my blog post all about it.

What signs does your baby or toddler give to show you that he is done with his meal? Please share in the comments.