Weaning Theo

THE METHOD: Wean him gradually over a month, starting with the daytime feeds. 

  • When he turned 11 months, I dropped his 11 AM feed and replaced it with a dairy snack after his first nap.
  • A week before his 1st birthday, I dropped his 3 PM feed and replaced it with a dairy snack after his second nap.
  • I dropped his night feed on his 1st birthday and his morning feed four days after. We gave him frozen milk in a bottle for another week or so until we ran out. After that, we started giving him cow's milk. 
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A Year of Breastfeeding

About a month ago, I fully weaned Theo, marking the end of a year plus of breastfeeding. For me, breastfeeding has been a highly emotional, intimate and personally significant experience. Although it was not without some frustrations and struggles, it was relatively easy and, more importantly, profoundly meaningful. My body’s ability to feed Theo, and the resulting bond, has meant everything to me.

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What I've been cooking lately...

Ben and I are off to Cabo San Lucas tomorrow for a long weekend of rest and relaxation! It's my first time being away from Theo (other than one night at a local resort with some of my mom friends - and my pump! - last October). I am excited and nervous! In the meantime, here are some other bloggers' recipes that I have made lately. I hope you enjoy them as much as we have!

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Theo's First Birthday!

This post has been really tough for me to write because it is deeply personal. I have avoided it and come back to it; I have cried while writing it. Now, here it is. A few posts from Motherly, a motherhood blog I love that sends week-by-week emails based on your baby's age, inspired me. All of the posts on Motherly, usually written by other moms, focus on babies and children, love, work and motherhood. One piece entitled "Love makes a baby; motherhood made me the woman I am today" was my main inspiration. It describes the crazy journey of a mother's first year; it delves into how one becomes a mother in a real, honest, vulnerable and beautiful way. "Mama's first year" and "A magical year: Why moms should be so proud on baby's first birthday" are both great reads. 

Just like that, our sweet Theo turned one year old on February 28, 2017. He has grown from a tiny baby to a joyful little boy, full of energy and enthusiasm. He is in constant motion, walking, and now running, babbling and “talking”, shrieking, smiling, pointing at everything with his whole hand, hugging his lovey, eating food with zest and filling our lives with pure delight. We find great joy in watching him discover and explore the world, all of which is new and amazing to him. It is extraordinary seeing it all through his beautiful green eyes, full of wonder and curiosity.  

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Easy Family Meals: The Kitchn's Sheet Pan Mustard-Maple Salmon

When it comes to cooking for my family these days, I am all about simple, fast, easy and healthful recipes. I love using the oven to roast or bake dishes, as it requires little to no "active duty" stirring and mixing food on the stove. It's easier for me to play and interact with Theo if I am not standing over the stove for long periods of time. Recently, I've wanted to try more sheet pan meals, in which everything roasts at the same time on one pan. After trying it once, I can now say that it's totally brilliant! I plan to incorporate more sheet pan recipes into my repertoire in the next few weeks. 

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