Easy Family Meals: The Kitchn's Sheet Pan Mustard-Maple Salmon

When it comes to cooking for my family these days, I am all about simple, fast, easy and healthful recipes. I love using the oven to roast or bake food, as it requires little to no "active duty" stirring and mixing ingredients on the stove. It's easier for me to play and interact with Theo if I am not standing over the stove for long periods of time. Recently, I've wanted to try more sheet pan meals, in which everything roasts at the same time on one pan. After trying it once, I can now say that it's totally brilliant! I plan to incorporate more sheet pan recipes into my repertoire in the next few weeks. 


Sadly, Ben doesn't like cooked salmon (or any pink fish, for that matter)... but Theo does! It has been fun making salmon for someone other than just myself. It is extremely healthful and nutritious. I usually just make a simple roasted salmon with lemon and olive oil. Occasionally, I add fresh herbs like dill or parsley if I have them on hand. 

Last night, I decided to branch out a bit and try the Kitchn's Sheet Pan Mustard-Maple Salmon, which appeared in my inbox a few days ago in a post about 30-minute meals. I only used half of the salmon it called for, as I knew it would just be me and a baby eating this dish, and good salmon is expensive! ;) I used the full amount of asparagus and potatoes, although I used red potatoes instead of fingerlings (and cut them differently because of the shape). The preparation was fast and easy, taking only about 10 minutes total. The delicious marinade is a breeze to mix together! Then I arranged everything on the pan and it cooked to perfection in about 12 minutes. I prefer my salmon a little more well done, so I checked it with our meat thermometer and removed it when the fish was at 135F. The salmon was flavorful, juicy and tender, the asparagus was slightly crunchy and the potatoes were fork-tender.

Theo and I both loved it! I would definitely make it again. If you want to make this dish truly BLW-friendly for your family, simply eliminate the added salt. Enjoy!