Trader Joe's Frozen Quinoa & Rice

Trader Joe's frozen quinoa and rice (four different kinds of rice!) are a timesaver and a lifesaver. I always have them in the freezer, whether for myself or Theo. Sometimes I don't or can't plan ahead or get it together to make rice the traditional way. Sometimes I have a toddler clinging to my leg, sobbing as he melts down from hunger. Sometimes we get home from the park or a playdate and I have to prepare dinner like it's a fire drill. Never fear - Trader Joe's comes to the rescue!

Photo credits: Organic Jasmine Rice and Organic Brown Rice; Organic Quinoa; Sprouted Red Rice; Rice Medley 

Each box has three packets of frozen rice. You simply microwave the rice for several minutes (per the instructions) in its packaging (which has steam vents built in) and... voila! It is ready to go. Whether you want to make rice/quinoa and beans, serve some protein and vegetables over rice/quinoa, or just serve rice/quinoa as a component of a meal, these frozen offerings are fantastic to have on hand.

These frozen offerings would work great with some of my recipes such as Cheesy Spinach Quinoa, Burrito Bowl Vegetables and the sauce from my spaghetti squash and Bolognese recipe.  

Do you ever use Trader Joe's frozen rice or quinoa? If so, what do you make with it? Do you have another kind of frozen rice or quinoa that you keep in your freezer? If so, what is it and what do you like about it? Please share in the comments!