Picky Eating

If you have or know a toddler, the chances are good that he has gone through phases of picky eating. This kind of eating is normal for toddlers as their food needs change and as they develop more independence and stronger preferences.

Picky eating questions seem ubiquitous amongst moms - the ones I know and the many I encounter online in social media groups. Posts range from one extreme to the other. I remember that one mom asked what to do with her toddler who would only eat five foods, including eggs, mac and cheese and bread and butter. Nothing else. How frustrating and difficult that must be! While picky eating is normal to some extent, it can become extreme and unmanageable if it isn’t handled properly. How can we avoid getting to that place with our little ones?

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Toddler Eating Habits

I learned much of this information in my Babygroup (mommy and me) class, which is the most incredible place for resources and support for new moms and their babies and toddlers.

HABITS: Toddlers often have different eating habits than babies. I have definitely noticed this with Theo, who turned one in late February. He still loves eating, thankfully, but he hasn’t been as consistent in terms of interest, intake and hunger. He is an especially physical, busy little man in constant motion, so at times it is hard for him to stop moving his body (or want to) to sit down and eat. Transitions are tough for toddlers, too, which only compounds the issue.

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